If you're reading this, first & foremost welcome to Grady Sports Agency (GSA). I'm Joshua Grady, owner, CEO, & President of GSA, & this is my story, written not by me, but by God.

On October 24th, 1992 in Tampa Florida I was born to my do it all, know everybody father Woodrow Grady, and my rock, my mother Talonya Grady. At age seven, I decided that I wanted to play little league football for the first time. That decision, like all of my decisions, has lead me to where I am today. I can count 11 players on my New Tampa Wildcats little league team that made it to Division 1 ball. Constantly scrimmaging teams that were significantly older than us, we had no choice but to excel. & "Dad" as I call him, made sure of that (he was our head coach of course.) See, my pops is known up and down the Sunshine State as "Coach Grady", famous for both his over the top rampages on the fields of various 7 on 7 tournaments, & for the over 60 high school athletes that he's helped guide to Division 1 football scholarships. Growing up, anything that happened between the white lines in my life, he played a part in some way, shape, or form. On the other hand, my mother always made it crystal clear that nothing mattered more than school. The type of parent that as a kid, you make up an excuse similar to "I must've lost my report card on the bus, I can't find it", knowing you purposefully left it in your locker to avoid the disappointment of not bringing home all A's. 

Growing up, I never understood why my parents raised me the way they did. I could never comprehend why Mom cared so much that I was doing my multiplication tables, or why Dad always had me in the street racing him from mailbox to mailbox with a football in my hand. Nevertheless, I went on to become the starting Quarterback as a Freshman at Freedom High School, thanks to University of South Florida legend Marquel Blackwell, my head coach. 

Following my sophomore season I transferred to national powerhouse Armwood High School, home of over 100 current and former Division 1 football players, where I ended up accumulating 31 scholarship offers, all while maintaining a 5.93 GPA (yes, it's possible, and I wasn't even valedictorian smh). In February of 2011 I committed to Vanderbilt University, the second best decision of my life. I can still vividly remember people asking, "Why would you choose Vanderbilt over school A, B, or C?".

The previous season Vanderbilt only had 2 wins with 10 losses on the year and recently hired James Franklin, who previously had never been a head coach. In my four years at Vanderbilt I played wide receiver, quarterback, special teams, and on the playing field is where I learned my most valuable lesson of my college career; I wasn't going to the NFL. I played sparingly as a redshirt freshman and sophomore, and little did I know at the time, but tearing my ACL, LCL, and hamstring all at once would catapult me on a direct path to the single greatest decision of my life... accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

And, as they say the rest is history. I went on to graduate from Vanderbilt in May of 2015 with a 3.12 GPA and a degree in Economics. Not bad considering Vandy is ranked as the 9th toughest University in the entire country according to Business Insider, right? I then transferred to the University of Florida to finish my playing career, while also obtaining a Masters in Sport Management in August of 2016.

After acing the NFLPA Agent Exam, a test that only 45% of individuals passed, I finally began to realize why my parents raised me the way they did. The discipline that they instilled, the support and motivation that was freely given to me, all of their efforts served as a continuous catalyst for everything that I have achieved. With hindsight I can say with conviction that the combination of God's grace and their guidance, has put me in the position that I'm in. And here is the subtle truth that life has taught me, football and life serve as doppelgängers for each other. God is always putting you in a new position, there is always a new season, and a new team that you're playing for. For me, my position is no longer at quarterback, or wide receiver, but instead it is as the youngest current CEO of an NFL agency in the entire country. I no longer play for the Wildcats, or the Armwood Hawks, the Commodores or the Gators, no. The team I play for now is team Jesus and ever since I've allowed Him to call the plays, I've been, as they say, "winning". See, I would be remiss if I ever started something without the foundation of faith. GSA is no exception. On the filing documents and on the NFLPA website, GSA may stand for Grady Sports Agency. But in my heart, and in my soul, GSA is so much more. Hebrews 11:1 states, "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." And for me, faith itself has been the underlying engine that has driven my life's dreams into realizations. Without God, none of this is possible. Without God, there is no Joshua Grady. And with that being said, thank you for being here, and once again, welcome to GSA, Grady Sports Agency, or as I like to think of it, God So Allowed.

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